Small Business Insurance & The Internet

The Voice of the Commercial Lines Customer

Research from The PIA Partnership

PIA Partnership research shows that professional independent agents are the preferred choice for most small businesses.

But agents can't be complacent!

How will you respond?

  • Customer expectations change over time.
  • Clearly communicate the value you provide
  • Become more fully engaged online


On the one hand...

Agents are well-known and valued by most small business owners.


On the other hand...

Most people have positive impressions of online capabilities.


is about EVOLUTION


The Internet is here to stay!

While a source of competition, it can also provide opportunity for agents to use it for their own advantage. Use the tools and resources available free of charge.

Why it's important for agents to respond ...

Small businesses

are adapting

to changes of

their own…

They want

their agents

to adapt along with them

Online research can influence opinions and buying decisions.

Most who follow brands in social media are more loyal to those brands.


1 Billion + Users

160 Million



140 Million


Agents can use the Internet themselves to communicate and enhance the professionalism, convenience and quality service they offer. This does not mean that the Internet replaces the substance of what your agency has to offer but rather it communicates in a way that enhances your customers' perception of the added value you can provide.


Agents can use technology to improve  ease of doing business for their customers. This is not a substitute for the professionalism you and your agency provide but rather an enhancement.





Our research has identified high value areas for small business owners. Online tools can help you communicate what you have to offer in each of these areas.

  • The personal touch from those in your agency
  • Your expertise and ability to answer all their questions
  • How you tailor solutions to fit their specific needs
  • That you can simplify the intricacies of business insurance for them
  • That you represent and understand the coverages offered by multiple  insurance companies – reputable and highly rated
  • How your agency comes highly recommended by both individuals and small business customers
  • That you understand industry trends and emerging exposures – to help better protect and educate your clients